Acoustic Well Sounder

Water Well Management in Real Time using SonicSense Technology Benefits: Complete data with easy acquisition No proprietary software or monthly fees Real time well levels (static, drawdown and recovery) Enables well management and control capabilities Comply with State and Local usage regulations Protect the investment in well and pump equipment Built in alarm capability in […]

ENO Scientific Well Watch 700

ENO Scientific released their new Well Watch 700  commercial grade sonic well level indicator/transmitter/datalogger/web server and was selected one of the ten best new products for 2018 at the World Ag Expo! The powerful new Well Watch 700 should be given serious consideration by all municipalities with production wells that currently either have no continuous […]

Flumes For Farms, Ranches and Other Agricultural Applications

Flumes For Farms, Ranches and Other Agricultural Applications   Southland Water Technologies LLC is a manufacturers representative serving the potable, groundwater, surface water, storm water, wastewater and industrial process markets. Our expertise is as wide ranging as the quality products and manufacturers that we represent. We are dedicated to meeting our customers needs in a […]

Mission Communications makes the news on Baton Rouge , LA TV station! With California’s El Nino severe weather prediction, is your city prepared for inflow that could put you in jeopardy of SSO events? Mission Communications Manhole Monitors are inexpensive insurance that will provide you notification on your telephone, cell phone, email, pager or more. Call us today to discuss this excellent product! BATON ROUGE – The Department […]

OpenChannelFlow introduces FRP diversion/flow-through manholes

OpenChannelFlow now offers the stormwater market segment an important tool in meeting stormwater first-flush management and permit requirements by manufacturing FRP diversion/flow-through manholes using the same high quality standards that customers expect from OCF. Let OCF meet your specialized stormwater diversion needs as well as flumes, weir plates, weir boxes and metering manholes. OCF and Southland […]

Electro-Chemical Devices

Southland Water Technologies is pleased to represent Electro-Chemical Devices and their quality line of process analytical instrumentation. ECD is an Irvine based manufacturer that has offered quality, customer-centric products to their customers for over 35 years. Modern and effective products are backed by old-fashioned customer support and attention to your satisfaction. You will not be disappointed […]

Pulsed Hydraulics Large Bubble Vertical Mixing

  Pulsed Hydraulics, Inc. provides water and wastewater plant operations with a totally unique “Hydro-Pulse” system that mixes without in-basin moving parts, is infinitely adjustable, yet simple to install, operate and maintain. The result is at least a 50% energy savings over traditional mixing technology. Our patented process mixes the entire contents of the tank. […]