California Water Boards- Measurement Regulation

 Senate Bill 88 and Emergency Regulation for Measuring and Reporting the Diversion of Water

Are you Prepared?

♦   Do you know your monitoring requirements and deadline?

♦   Do you know your required frequency of monitoring?

♦   If you divert greater than 100 af per year your compliance installation deadline was July 1st of 2017! Your monitoring requirement is daily. Your system must be designed by a California engineer, licensed contractor or water professional. The State will waive this requirement via completion of approved UC Extension SB 88 workshop.

♦   If you divert greater than 10 af per year your installation deadline was January 1st this year! Your monitoring requirement is monthly. Your system need only be designed by a person with water experience, such as a farmer.

Stainless steel Parshall flume (Open Channel Flow)

♦   You have a variety of options available to you in the manner in which you collect data. For small diverters, you can walk up and log a visual reading once monthly, for larger diverters daily readings are required. Options run the gamut of visual walk-up readings to an elaborate system of instrumentation and communications. Southland Water Technologies can present all options and help you make an informed selection.

♦   For addition information from Open Channel Flow please follow this link  2018-water-rights-irrigation-flumes-brochure.pdf_extract

Southland Water Technologies is pleased to support California customers with their water diversion needs. We have the years of experience and expertise to assist you in designing a system that will best meet both your application and your budget needs.  With years of experience in flow monitoring measurement and instrumentation, we can provide you options and aid you in making an informed decision. We are proud to offer you the fine products and expertise of our partner Open Channel Flow.

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