Our expertise is as wide ranging as the quality products and manufacturers that we represent. We can support our customers in instrumentation and process control, process analytical, telemetry, data acquisition, waste/surface/storm water open channel flow measurement, FRP products, mixing technology,  air filtration and odor control.

Flow meters- Badger Meter
Open channel flow meters- Bagder Meter
Level transducers- Contegra, Dwyer Instruments
Level float switches- Contegra
Level switches- Dwyer Instruments
Pump controllers- Contegra
Process analytical- Electro-Chemical Devices, MultiSensor Systems


Wastewater Collections and Lift Station Equipment
Open channel flow monitoring equipment- Badger Meter
Flumes, metering manholes- Open Channel Flow
SSO monitoring equipment- Mission Communications
Lift station data acquisition- Mission Communications

Municipal Water Infrastructure

Well level instruments- ENO Scientific
Reservoir level products- Contegra, Dwyer Instruments
Infrastructure data collections- Mission Communications
Tank and well automation and data collection- Mission Communications

FRP Products
Metering manholes- Open Channel Flow
Flumes- Open Channel Flow
Weir plates and weir boxes- Open Channel Flow
Shelters (buildings) – Open Channel Flow
Equipment enclosures- Open Channel Flow
Staff gauges- Open Channel Flow
Stop gates- Open Channel Flow
Customized FRP products- Open Channel Flow


Air Filtration
Blower air filtration/retrofits- Endustra Filter
Air filter elements- Endustra Filter
Customized filtration solutions- Endustra Filter


Odor Control
Dry air odor scrubbers- leasing- Syneco Systems
Manhole odor insert pans- Syneco Systems
Inflow protection inserts- Syneco Systems
Vent odor filters- Syneco Systems
Counteractants/countervailants- Syneco Systems

Wastewater Treatment and Collections Odor Mitigation
Biological inoculant- Willow Industries
Grease mitigation- Pulsed Hydraulics, Protein Matrix

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