Southland Water Technologies is pleased to announce representation of MultiSensor Systems and their line of industry-unique online analyzers for the water and wastewater markets.

Multisensor Systems is a developer and supplier of water and air monitoring instruments specializing in oil in water/hydrocarbon/VOC analyzers, THM monitors and Ammonia monitors and is based in the United Kingdom. Their products are designed and built to the highest quality standards and are used to:

  • Protect water treatment facilities and waste water treatment works
  • Provide pollution control to Boreholes, Rivers and other water courses
  • Gather process control data to reduce energy and chemical usage
  • Monitor the quality of drinking water in the distribution network
  • Measure emissions from commercial, industrial, land fill and agricultural sites

With many years of experience and a network of more than 60 distributors around the world they are prepared to deliver world class service and help you to solve your detection problems.

Logo of Multisensor Systems Ltd.

Please call today and learn how MultiSensor System monitors can benefit your operation.