Ammonia measurement in your plant’s headworks!

Southland Water Technologies is excited to introduce MultiSensor’s MS3500 Ammonia analyzer to its customers.  The MS3500 is the market’s ONLY Ammonia analyzer that is targeted for use in wastewater treatment headworks and primaries to trend Ammonia levels as a front end monitor of incoming Ammonia loadings to allow for accurate blower air control. MultiSensor’s patented […]

Southland Water Technologies is pleased to announce representation of MultiSensor Systems

Southland Water Technologies is pleased to announce representation of MultiSensor Systems and their line of industry-unique online analyzers for the water and wastewater markets. Multisensor Systems is a developer and supplier of water and air monitoring instruments specializing in oil in water/hydrocarbon/VOC analyzers, THM monitors and Ammonia monitors and is based in the United Kingdom. […]

Badger Meter Renews Partnership with Southland Water Technologies

Southland Water Technologies is pleased to announce that Badger Meter has renewed our sales representation contract in the municipal water and wastewater market segment. We are excited to continue to offer our customers Badger’s extensive line of flow instrumentation and expertise. Customers will benefit from a diverse array of products from their many divisions, including […]

Acoustic Well Sounder

Water Well Management in Real Time using SonicSense Technology Benefits: Complete data with easy acquisition No proprietary software or monthly fees Real time well levels (static, drawdown and recovery) Enables well management and control capabilities Comply with State and Local usage regulations Protect the investment in well and pump equipment Built in alarm capability in […]

ENO Scientific Well Watch 700

ENO Scientific released their new Well Watch 700  commercial grade sonic well level indicator/transmitter/datalogger/web server and was selected one of the ten best new products for 2018 at the World Ag Expo! The powerful new Well Watch 700 should be given serious consideration by all municipalities with production wells that currently either have no continuous […]

California SB88 Water Diverters- Let us help you navigate your compliance requirements.

  California Senate Bill 88 mandates that all California water right holders with rights greater than 10 acre-feet per year begin measuring and documenting/reporting their flows. We are already receiving a rush of calls from landowners and farmers with various water rights and requirements and have provided our expertise and cost-effective solutions.  Open Channel Flow (OCF)  […]

Flumes For Farms, Ranches and Other Agricultural Applications

Flumes For Farms, Ranches and Other Agricultural Applications   Southland Water Technologies LLC is a manufacturers representative serving the potable, groundwater, surface water, storm water, wastewater and industrial process markets. Our expertise is as wide ranging as the quality products and manufacturers that we represent. We are dedicated to meeting our customers needs in a […]