Water Well Management in Real Time using SonicSense Technology


  • Complete data with easy acquisition
  • No proprietary software or monthly fees
  • Real time well levels (static, drawdown and recovery)
  • Enables well management and control capabilities
  • Comply with State and Local usage regulations
  • Protect the investment in well and pump equipment
  • Built in alarm capability in case of emergencies

Commercial Grade Sonic Water Level Indicators

The Well Watch 700 is the worlds first commercial grade sonic water level indicator designed for municipal, agricultural, and oil/gas applications. This system monitors water levels by sending a powerful acoustic pulse into the casing and doing a simple time/distance calculation on the reflection. The benefit of sonic technology is that there is nothing to lower into the well. It can operate on wells containing caustic water, oil or pressurized gas. Installation is simple and there is no yearly maintenance or calibration, eliminating the recurring fees common with other measurement technologies.

Combines intelligence with power to monitor levels in commercial applications

This streamlined system will not only log and display water levels but can also take inputs from pulsed flow meters and includes two independently programmable relay contacts available for pump control or remote alarms. It can measure anything between 1/2″ sounding tubes up to 24″ high volume wells and levels down to 7000ft with top mount turbine or submersible pumps. This meter is capable or reading levels in angled wells, through coiled pipe and around partial obstructions in the well. The 710 Controller can store up to 25 million time/date stamped log points locally on an easily accessible SD card or downloaded via USB. Communication with existing data and control equipment can be accomplished using the included RS232, RS485 (Modbus), SDI-12, 0-5V, 4-20ma (or optional Ethernet).

The most powerful well monitoring system on the market

The Well Watch 700 includes the 710 Controller with the 730 Probe. The 710 controller comes in a small form factor heavy duty ABS housing including a DIN rail mounting system as well as a panel mounting flange. The controller communicates with the probe using a 4 conductor cable and includes an LCD display and keypad for local programming. The 730 probe is designed for industrial applications featuring a heavy duty waterproof type 304 stainless steel housing with the ability to direct connect to a 2″ or smaller access port. The probe has been equipped for extreme environmental conditions including wind, rain and temperatures.

Why sonic over submersible?

  • Nothing to lower into the well
  • Sonic works around obstructions and angles
  • No risk of contamination
  • No submerged parts to get corroded
  • Price is not dependent on depth
  • Easy, accessible installation


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